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Welcome to the new website portal for some of the finest and most popular leisure routes in the UK and, quite soon, France. Come and discover some great rides, whether for a weekend or a longer break.

Cycle Guides currently features five routes in the north of England, Scotland. Our next project will be Dorset and northwest France (better known as the Petit Tour de Manche).

We will be adding other great routes to the portal, and will be looking for your recommendations. Coast rides or rides linking coasts is the theme.

The websites include the best places to stay, from campsites to 5-star hotels and the best places to eat, from snack bars to Michelin stars. Then there are the wonderful pubs and cafes, museums and churches (for those with enough time). There is new mapping, route instructions and plenty of other info about the wonderful places you pass through.

These are all listed on our maps, plus suggested itineraries, diversions and details about how to organise the whole thing. While many of you are happy to organise it for yourselves, more and more are using package operators who, for a fee, will lighten your burden. But you really can save yourselves a lot of money by doing it yourselves!

Routes currently included are the C2C (Sea to Sea), Hadrian’s Cycleway and the Reivers Route - three great coast-to-coast rides linking the Lakes and the Pennines and the Irish Sea with the North Sea.

There’s also the Coast & Castles that old favourite connecting Edinburgh with Newcastle via the spectacular Northumberland coastline.

And, next to come, the Petit Tour de Manche, the circular ride through rural Dorset, which takes the sea crossing to Normandy and the rural wilderness of the Cotentin Peninsula. The French leg of the ride – and the majority of the pedalling – links Normandy with Brittany, taking you from Cherbourg to St-Malo.

Then we will add in due course the longer Tour de Manche, from Plymouth to Weymouth then, on the French side, Cherbourg to Roscoff.

And Riviera to Riviera which will connect Genoa with Marseille, via the Ligurian coastline and the Côte d’Azur, with a mountainous inland alternative. Down here the weather is a little more reliable than the heather clad moors of England’s Pennine rooftop (not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of rain!)

Cycle Guides was set up in 2002. The annual publication of guidebooks to northern England plus websites of each route will all be morphing to Apps.

All recommendations are annually checked and maps and features updated regularly.

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